Flotation Therapy.... the Healing Power of Water

The word ‘spa’ is derived from the Latin “sanitas per aqua” which means “health through water”. The Madrona Del Mar Spa, itself surrounded by water, has been built on the philosophy of the healing power of water.

The Wellness concept

The Wellness concept at Madrona del Mar begins with Flotation Therapy. Water therapy has been recognized for centuries as a healing, relaxing and beautifying treatment. The expression ‘To take the waters’ and obtain a ‘cure’ is derived from the ancient acceptance of the need to physically and spiritually rejuvenate the body through the healing power of water.


Treatments are always booked privately, for singles or couples.

Flotation Therapy 30 minutes Single $40 or 60 minutes $60
Flotation Therapy 60 minutes Couple $80

We may live in an era of technological advances, but the amount of stress and physical endurance required of our bodies may be higher than at any other time. We simply do not have time to ‘live’.

What is Flotation Therapy?

Instead of the enclosed tanks of city float centres, our Spa has created the unique Mineral Sea Flotation bath.

Our flotation bath is a beautiful, intimate pool of mist slate and tile, in a spacious room filled with soft light and filtered with soothing music. The pool itself is filled with warm water in which a combination of sea mineral salts has been added to the point of saturation. Saturation means that the water cannot absorb any more salt; thereby producing a heavy molecular weight that is able to support the body.

A sense of weightlessness is achieved: you will ‘free float’ in the water without any sense of sinking, completely relaxing every part of your body.

Healing Power of Water

On the scientific side, the flotation experience is reported to induce a deep sense of relaxation and people have discovered beneficial reactions in a variety of psychosomatic conditions including stress, anxiety, insomnia, and asthma. Sports injuries have been reported to heal faster after a 30 to 40 minute flotation. Individuals have returned for repeated treatments for relief of symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis; these respond well to flotation because of the simple concept of removing weight from a joint, which then stimulates the lymph to circulate, allowing, in a natural, healing way, the same effect sought when taking an anti-inflammatory.

Madrona del Mar has not only recognized the importance of this therapy, but presents it in a beautiful environment which immerses you further and further into a ‘Sea-Spa’ experience. Enjoy it as a part of many of our special packages, to make the most of your healing time with us.

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