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Couples Spa Experiences

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Time spent together in the Spa is magical and creates wonderful memories. Most of our Couples Spa Experiences take place in the warm cedar cottages within the Flors del Iris garden.

The gardens feature a lovely waterfall, enchanting babbling brook and a koi fish pond, and in summer,  a spectacular rose garden to enjoy. Our Couples Spa Experiences are extra special! We hand blend pure and raw ingredients just minutes before your treatment. Results are amazing, fresh, organic and potent!
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Couples Massage in the Waterfall Cottage

A romantic, relaxing time in our tranquil garden setting

Couples Massage
Any time of year, enjoy the sounds of water running over the rocks to the pond outside the doors of the garden house... it will relax you as you enjoy your choice of massage in this lovely setting.

Enjoy a customized massage together and choose an aromatherapy, deep tissue, or relaxation massage. Candles, waterfall sounds & garden views create a special ambiance for you.
60 min $250 or 90 min $330 per couple

Blackberry Port Massage - decadent, delicious and uplifting 

Blackberry Port massage

Celebrate a special occasion or just indulge in this decadent couples massage for the fun of it. Blackberry Port from Salt Spring Island Vineyards is blended fresh with our massage oil. Our massage will leave you totally restored and deliciously revitalized.  Afterwards, relax together and share a taste of Blackberry port.[read more ] Blackberries are rich in vitamin C, helping with immunity and mental clarity. Vitamin K aids in muscle relaxing. The anthrocyanins [antioxidants] in blackberries reduce inflammation and rejuvenate cells. They are loaded with anti-oxidants that combat free radicals and, in turn, strengthen cell integrity and promote longevity. Blackberries grow in abundance in the Gulf Islands
60 min $270 per couple

The Getting-in-Touch Package

Massage, Couples massage, in-room massage, therapy, spa, Galiano IslandGetting In Touch With Each Other - Two relaxing massages and interactive massage lessons

Do you ever want to help your partner relieve pain or stress? We will teach you how to give a relaxing massage in this crash course intro. During each of your 60 min massages your partner, can participate and learn massage techniques to encourage your significant other to massage you more often.
2 hours $260 per couple

Garden treatment cottageSandalwood and Rose Body Buffer - sensuous and exotic

In this aromatic treatment you begin by lying down together on our heated pillow bed in our Cedar Mud Cottage. Exotic sandalwood powder for Him and romantic rose powder for Her.

This sensuous treatment begins by briskly exfoliating the skin with the powdered herb all over the body. a mist of the aromatic hydrosol mist, rose or sandalwood lotion, hydrates the skin and, last, a drop of pure oil perfume on your wrist.

This is a seductive and aromatic body exfoliation for both of you. Rose is known to soothe sensitive skin and calm the nerves. Rose helps balance the heart chakra. Sandalwood is known for its anti aging properties for the skin. Sandalwood helps balance the root chakra. It is helpful for insomnia and anxiety. For centuries the rose has been associated with love and both sandalwood and rose are aphrodisiacs.
60 min $260 per couple

Chocolate Body Masque & Cocoa Body Butter

Therapy, Body Polish, Body Scrub, Mud, Herbal therapyHigh in antioxidants, seductive and delicious.

Lie down on our heated pillow bed in our Cedar Mud Cottage. The warm chocolate mud is then applied on your skin. Rest a few minutes while the Chocolate mud does its magic then rinse off together in our rain shower. The two therapists offer a handmade, freshly blended and edible chocolate shea butter that is worked into your deserving skin. Afterwards there are chocolate treats for you both. High in antioxidants, pure cocoa is mixed with the warm detox clay, which contains 12 healing ayurvedic herbs. The aphrodisiac effects of chocolate are well documented. This is a seductive delicious treatment that smells amazing and is perfect for all you chocoholics out there.
60 min $260 per couple

Vanilla Chai Spice Mud Masque

Spa, Vanilla Chai Latte, Massage, Galiano Oceanfront Inn and SpaStimulating and warming

Begin by relaxing on our heated pillow bed in our Cedar Mud Cottage. The Vanilla Chai Spice Mud is then smoothed on your skin. Rest a few minutes while the Vanilla Chai Spice Mud is doing its magic then rinse off together in our rain shower. The two therapists apply a coconut oil vanilla chai aromatherapy oil to your skin. Afterwards there will be Vanilla Chai Tea for you both.
This is an enticing and stimulating body treatment that smells delightful and is perfect for all you chai tea lovers out there. Aromatic and energizing chai tea spices like ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, fennel and cloves help provide mental clarity and aid digestion. Organic vanilla extract and the chai spices are blended with milk and the warm detox clay. The vanilla bean is an aphrodisiac and is also a powerful anti depressant.
60 min $260 per couple

Couples Flotation Therapy

Couples Flotation Bath Float away your worries and get relief from stiff muscles and joints.

Float together,  gravity-free in our mineral sea flotation bath with over 600lbs of Epsom and dead sea salts. Excellent for stress, injuries, arthritis and detoxification. Your skin will feel silky smooth afterwards.
(Not recommended for those with high blood pressure or if you are pregnant, without your doctor's recommendation).
60 min. per couple $80

Healing Earth Journey Together

Healing Earth Clay RitualLaugh and play paint each other with healing mud

The attendant mixes therapeutic Moor mud with essential oil blends that you choose from our custom blends of exotic oils. She leaves you to smooth the warm mud on each other & then drift away on the heated tile bed. Afterwards, you refresh under a 'rain shower' to cleanse the skin. The Moor Mud contains over 1500 natural compounds and trace minerals. A fun way to connect together! Feel rejuvenated after this experience! Your skin will be silky smooth afterwards.
45 min $119 per couple. Book as an add-on to any other couples treatment for just $89.

Steam room, Couples, Spa, Galiano, Eucalyptus Private Steam Room

Clear out your sinus, great for cold season and to loosen stiff muscles

Privately booked marble and glass steam room for couples. Spend some time together to detox and unwind. Helps you decongest your sinus and lungs great for arthritis and stiff joints.

30 min $30

Couples Yoga

yoga, couples yoga, yoga retreat, spa retreatLearn yoga together and have fun at the same time!

Our Couples yoga class takes place in the yoga pavilion in the garden. Couples yoga is a way of deepening the communication between each of you. During the class you will learn how to physically and emotionally connect with each other in a way that is both fun and intimate. A customized private class for all levels including beginners!

75 min $80 per couple