The FAQ's

Our Frequently Asked Questions...


How far is the Inn from the Ferry Terminal?
We are minutes by foot from the Terminal, about a 5 minute walk!

Do we need to make Spa or Restaurant reservations?
We always recommend booking ahead, as we mention in our email confirmation letter. We tend to book up many days in advance, especially in our busy summer season.  

Can I bring my pet?
We love animals at the Inn! Many of us have critters of our own. If you plan on bringing your pet, you must request a "Pet Friendly" room. We only have two such rooms, so it is very important that you book 
this at the time of initial reservation.  Pets should be on leash when roaming the grounds, and we ask that you please clean up after your pet.  If swimming in the ocean is your pup's pastime, please ask us for a doggy beach towel.

Where can we eat when we stay at the Inn?
Our Oceanfront Atrevida dining room is available year-round for romantic, special but still casually comfortable ambiance (please inquire about  seasonal closures). Serving up a creative and elegant menu to keep you wanting more: you can choose something different each evening. Plus on Sunday nights we have a completely different menu: our very popular prix fixe Prime Rib Dinner (with seafood and vegetarian options). In the summer we add another restaurant:  our Outdoor Pizza Patio!

Is there a dress code in the Dining Room?
We encourage a casual and relaxed style here at the Inn. There  certainly is an aura of romance at our
little boutique Inn, so dressing up for a lovely dinner is always welcome.

Can you swim at the beaches?
Absolutely.  We have a lovely sandy beach in front of our Inn that is great for swimming. There are also great swimming spots within walking distance. Galiano has a reputation for its wonderful beaches, and the most public beach accesses in the Gulf Islands.

Is there a liquor store?
There are two government agency stores on the island (which means a good selection at the same price). One is at the Corner Store, the other is just a few minutes walk from us at Galiano Garage. Or better still, you can enjoy your beverage in the Galiano Inn's  Orca Lounge and Atrevida Restaurant.

Are there Taxi or Bus services on the island?
There is no taxi or bus service on Galiano.  If you leave your car at home, you can get to many great places within a 45 minute walk. Many people also bring a bicycle over by ferry, which can make for a fun trip.  Hitch-hiking is never frowned upon on our gulf islands, and many locals get around this way.
  • Rental Car: Rent a Smart car at the Galiano Inn
  • Moped rental: Available at Montague Harbour *summer months
  • Boat or kayak rentals: Available at Montague Harbour *summer months
  • From the Marina: Call the Inn in advance for a free pick up if staying here or having dinner or spa treatments *pick-ups subject to driver availability
What is the weather like on Galiano?
It's the Gulf Islands' Best Weather. All of the southern Gulf Islands enjoy Mediterranean-style climate marked by sunny, dry summers, and mild, frost-free winters. Since ours is the first island touched by the warm outflow from Fraser River, Galiano residents have long enjoyed the best microclimate in the region. Summer highs are in the mid-20°C/70°f range with occasional hot spells in July and August. Spring and fall is ideal sweater weather. And of course our "non-winters" mean our golf greens are green year-round, our weather mild and, some years, with no sign of snow at all.

Is there any wildlife? Is it dangerous?
The answer is Yes and No... Wildlife is abundant and fascinating. But the good news is that it is not dangerous. There are deer, otters, seals, passing orca whales. But there are no predators, no cougars, bears or wolves. There is myriad of bird life, from bald eagles to hummingbirds. So walking on the shoreline or in the hills is a day full of activity and beauty.
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