As an island retreat that offers rest, rejuvenation and replenishment deeply rooted in the natural environment, and in the provision of ultimate luxury, we recognize the importance of careful conservation and judicious use of natural resources.

 Smart Cars.....for the Environment

We were the first in Canada to offer a Smart Car fleet: a positive addition to guest services and easy on the environment as well. 

 Hand-crafted amenities in low impact packaging

Our guests discover the delight of hand-crafted amenities. Instead of disposable packages of  shower amenities, we were among the very first high end resorts to have high quality, large size natural products from island crafts people.

 Gardens and the Land

Our commitment to stewardship and environmental responsibility is demonstrated in the construction and maintenance of our resort, our thoughtful and responsible operations... all done to shape an intensely romantic and beautiful retreat,  all the while standing testament to our respect of natural landscaping, native and drought-resistant plants and careful use of water.

 Water, our most important resource

Our Spa is committed to using the healing power of water on our island resort, but equally committed to respecting the need to carefully conserve those water resources.

As a remote island Resort, we know the importance of ensuring every possible recycling, energy and waste reduction programme has been implemented ~ it is good business and good for the environment.
If you are interested in the details of our conservation practices, please email us at info@galianoinn.com

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