The Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa believes that people and businesses must be active members of their community, contributing to making it economically and environmentally sustainable.

Throughout the year, the Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa resort is proud to support charitable organizations on Galiano Island, throughout BC and in the greater world community.

Helping our Island Grow

Through auction donations for fund-raising, food donations for community events, or draw prizes and other gifts, the Inn has supported many local island events on Galiano Island. In the refurbishing of our Inn, all of the existing furniture was sold at auction for the Health Care Centre, raising: thousands of dollars.

We have supported the Galiano Health Care Centre every year through its main fundraiser, the Galiano Wine Festival. the Lions Club’s many community efforts, the Food Bank, Galiano School, and many others.
  Galiano Inn supports the Galiano Health Care Society Wine Festival

Keeping Galiano Green

The resort has supported Galiano Island’s community efforts towards recycling, by donating all of our our refundable containers to raise money for environmental efforts, purchasing and donating a glass recycling machine for the island.

We are all part of a bigger community

Recognizing we are all part of a bigger community in this world, the Inn supports various non-profit organizations that assist all Canadians and those in greater need in other parts of our shared world. We support educational, health and arts organizations.
  Recycling water and supporting the environment

If you feel your organization is doing something vital and you have an idea of how we can help, please contact us at We want to be a part of making our island and world community a better place for all of our neighbours.
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