Art at the Galiano Oceanfront Inn

What better reason to come to Galiano Island, than to discover the beauty of nature AND the art that captures it.

Famous KUNAMOKST Mural Mosaic at the Inn

Kunamokst Mural
190 different artists, 231 individual works of art, 1 spectacular Kunamokst Mural!
The Mural is an incredible, massive mosaic of work designed & orchestrated by the artists of Mural Mosaic, with the original on view at the Galiano Inn.

You can also purchase your own collectible limited edition print of the mural, or an interactive "make-your-own-mural" book.

Explore the story of the mural

Gallery Room

The Inn has opened its own Gallery room, where the work of many of our Kunamokst Mural artists are displayed  for sale, as well as other local and international artists.  Just a few:
  • Tish Saunders
  • Jane Appleby
  • Robert Bateman
  • Sandra Dolph
  • Marcia DeVicque
  • Keith Holmes

jewelery for sale in the spa gift shop by Sydney Massie  

Art that is Wearable

How better to enjoy your art collection than to wear it? The Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa is proud to showcase the beautiful jewellery from Silver Moon Jewellery.

Creator Sydney Massie has travelled extensively and chosen selected pieces of wearable art as well as designed pieces with the rich colours of the earth, sea and sky: turquoise pieces, onyx and crystal entwined, asymmetrical designs, silver in intricate designs, unusual stones and colours like yellow turquoise. All combine to create beautiful designs unique to the Galiano Inn... and unique to you.

Marcia de Vicque glass art in the rooms of the Inn  

Art in Glass

Marcia De Vicque is an artist internationally renowned for her incredible warm glass works, encompassing fusion, casting, carving and painting techniques. In 2004,  she established a studio and gallery on Galiano from which she creates rich and vivid work encompassing functional artwork for the home as well as gallery installation pieces. Her flowing glass creations grace our public area.

Tara Gill Calla Lillies photographic art in the rooms of the Inn  

Art in Photographs

Tara Gill’s photographic work has garnered international awards and recognition; Tara currently divides her time between Galiano Island and San Francisco Bay. Each Spa Suite at the Inn has a selection of fine art photography by this internationally known photographer, capturing the artist’s interpretations of the mood of the Galiano Inn and Spa: serenity, spa, renewal, energy, nature.
Galiano Island is home to world-renowned artists, and those yet to be discovered on a larger stage. You can explore and find your own perfect piece that is a compliment to your home, or is the perfect gift.
The Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa features many artists and you can explore others throughout the island.


The Story of the Famous Kunamokst Mural at the Galiano Inn!

The Kunamokst Mural is an incredible mural, designed and orchestrated by the artists of Mural Mosaic: Lewis Lavoie, Phil Alain and Paul Lavoie.


The Mural was initiated by the Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa, and Artists (and art ambassadors) on Galiano Island. The creative artists at Mural Mosaic were approached, and "Kunamokst, Coastal Inspirations" was born.

The Mystery

The Mystery? ... no one knew "the Big Picture". Each artist was given a panel, and asked to follow its colours and general outline, but they could create any art they wished, as long as it depicted the wild West Coast.

For months, suspense built, as individual panels were gradually revealed. 
  The Kunamokst Mural - how the design was created

Olympic Unveiling

Finally: the moment arrived for the Mystery to be revealed: it was officially unveiled during the Winter Olympics. Artists from across British Columbia were there as the excitement built to the unveiling of a beautiful Orca and her calf.

  The artists of Mural Mosaic, Louis Lavoie and Phil Alain, at the opening with Mel Gibb and Conny Nordin

The Artists

There were 190 artists involved from Mexico to British Columbia: internationally renowned. 

Galiano Island artist Kenna Fair was a key initiator and other Galiano artists like Tish Saunders, Keith Holmes and over 30 others were part of the creative force. First Nations artists like critically acclaimed Roy Henry Vickers and April White, and iconic Canadian artist Robert Bateman participated.

Many of the 190 artists have been featured on the world stage as well. Special guest artists include California world renowned whale muralist Wyland and California muralist Judy Baca. Kunamokst involved artists as young as 16 years old to artists over 90 years old.
  190 artists created 231 pieces of work in the Kunamokst Mural

Galiano Island

The Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, the Honourable Steven L. Point, opened the ceremonies on Galiano to unveil the mural and led the bagpipe procession to an excited crowd.

The mural is now owned by the people of Galiano, held by a society, and enjoyed by all  in its host location in the architecturally stunning Galiano Oceanfront Inn & Spa.

Kunamokst, Chinook jargon for "Together"... represents the best of West Coast artists ... within the magic of Mural Mosaic.
  The Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, the Honourable Stephen L. Point unveiled the Mural

Artists at the unveiling of the Kunamokst Mural at the Galiano Inn
View an interactive site about the mural at
Learn  more about Galiano's mural artists, and purchase your own limited edition of this beautiful painting, or an interactive "make-your-own-mural" book, visit

Kunamokst Mural panel by Kenna Fair of Galiano Island   Fabric art panel in the Kunamokst Mural by Lea Mabberley   Art panel in the Kunamokst Mural by Cedar Bowers
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