Annual Galiano Literary Festival

February 22, 23 and 24, 2019 – Galiano Island ~ 10th Annual!

The Galiano Island Literary Festival is hosted each year by the Galiano Island Bookstore, and their owners Lee Trentadue and Jim Schmidt. The Festival is the most popular event held in February of each year in the Gulf Islands, and we are fortunate to be the venue for this amazing weekend. Authors, publishers and book lovers all vie to attend and events are sold-out in advance.


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Highlights of Past Festivals

Each year, the Festival is "the best ever", but what can we say, it just keeps getting better with age. Panel discussions, writing workshops, readings... the list goes on and on.

Here are some highlights, captured by photographer Kris Krug.

“More literary festivals ought to be like the one on Galiano. The setting is unequalled. The organizers have everything covered beautifully. I have never seen such a good opportunity for writers and others to schmooze in such a beautiful building. I told Jean that I would give up pie for a year if I get to go there again.” 

George Bowering, author and canada's first poet laureate

Captive audience at a reading
Captive audience during a panel discussion
Writing workshops are a great way for authors and participants to connect

John Vaillant, author reading to a sold-out crowd in the Garden Room at the Galiano Inn
John Vaillant, reading to a standing room only crowd in the Garden Room

Authors and Readers and Publishers...all in an intimate setting, sharing their love of literature... magical moments happen!
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